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Most used Windows 10 keys short cut

“CTRL” + “SHIFT” + “DELETE” : Google Chrome & Firefox cache clean At Chrome, or Firefox browser windows hold “ctlr” + “shift” + “delete” to clean its cache. “CTRL” + “C” to copy selected words. “CTRL” + “v” to paste “Ctrl” + “p” to print current application window. winkey + Pause:  view system property winkey […]

How to spot fake malware alert

While you browsing the web, you may occupationally run into infection  warnings that appear to be legitimate but aren’t. These anti-malware warning messages – appropriately called “scareware” -are designed to scare you to call 1-800-number,so  they scam you further. Just stay calm, just hold keys “Alt” key + “Tab” to switch between applications windows to […]