Offline/Portable Virus scanner

Once your PC get infected by malware, it is very hard to install or run virus scanner in the system, or may not have access to the Internet, then Offline Virus Scanner, or Portable Virus scanner come to the rescue. Portable or Offline Virus scanner runs on it’s own Operating system, so it won’t affected, or interfere with the Virus in your PC system. It is also a reason it scan viruses more effective than the one installed in your system.
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What is dirty memory?

Dirty memory is the memory, RAM,  is supposed to release back to the system after being used by certain processes, because of not all application designed perfectly.  After a while, more and more dirty memory which supposed to release back to the system for new coming processes build up, so available memory/RAM getting short. This is a reason why You should reboot your computer some time. I reboot mine at least once every two days.