Cloud backup, Carbonite vs backblaze

List of Features

Carbonite FEATURES                                     Backblaze FEATURES
Unlimited cloud storage                                  Unlimited Storage
Remote sharing and access                            Unlimited File Sizes
Mirror image backup                                       Scheduled and Automated Backups
Video backup                                                     Continuous Backup
Hard drive backup                                            Full Disk Backups
Automatic cloud backup                                  Search Backup
Courier Recovery                                              Version Saving
Hybrid backup                                                   Restore and Access
Simple Installation                                          Unlimited Backup Speeds
Custom backup policies                                  Unlimited File Types
Unlimited protection                                       Unlimited External Drives
Hard Drive Restore Program

Compare two features, I prefer Backblaze, because Backblaze can backup your external drive. For example, you want to back up your valuable data, like Quickbook to the external drive, so your values data being backup to the cloud.


Carbonite                                                          Backblaze

$6/month/1 computer                                    $5/month/1 computer

This is my case, SSD hard drive is so expensive, so I run my Windows on a smaller fast SSD drive, and I map my Documents/Desktop/Pictures/Download folders on the second regular big space SATAIII drive. This way I don’t have to spend my hard work money on expensive bigger SSD drive, so I don’t like to use any backup that does not back up the external drive.

If you like me you can get Backblaze cloud backup by click on this link –>  backblaze


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