Behind the address bar

Have you wonder how you type in the URL to the address bar browser, and it displays a content of that URL?

Under the hood, the browser using the DNS, domain name system) to resolve the URL’s IP address and make a connecting to that host using protocol HTTP ( port 80) , or https ( port 443). This a fun part, sometimes we spell the URL wrong, the DNS resolve a different IP address which belongs to some bad host, and the browser display you a fake “Your computer infected by Virus”, but actually your computer is 100% virus clean, or a content of fake bank account look like your bank account to steal identity.

This is called “IP phishing”. Just hold the power button long enough to shut down the computer, and restart the computer normally.

How to prevent this problem. Use DNS from, and assign those two IP addresses to your DNS in your main DHCP/Router. This way, OPENDNS have a blacklist of bad IP addresses and warning you to access the site, instead of hand in a bad IP to your browser. Using OpenDNS also block out adult content, and high-risk sites, that might harm your computer.

Click here –> How to change DNS entry in your DHCP server in xfinity modem/router box.

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