Remote Desktop over secure VPN or Gotomypc/Logmein ?


  • GotomyPC:         $20/1 computer/month
  • LogmeIn:            $349.99/2 computers/year
  • VPN:                     Depend on what hardware do you want, for example, I use this Router/Firewall/VPN/WIFI at the low price $149.95  one time upfront cost. for most of my small business, because it has enterprise features with affordable price. It can perform well enough for ten VPN connections at the same time. It is well fit for the small business network.


  • Secure VPN stands for (Virtual Private Network). It acts as if your VPN Client PC in the same network at Work. All the data from the VPN client to the remote network encrypted using vary of protocol, like SSTP, L2TP/OPENVPN, etc.
  • GotomyPC/Logmein/or alike act as a proxy, your client PC communicate with their server through secure hypertext protocol, https, just like your PC browse some secure web site. Their proxy server communicates with your host PC at work using their proprietary protocol. It is why this technology bypasses your company firewall. If you can brown the Internet, you can always logmein/gotomypc unless your company using a proxy for browsing the Internet.

Base on my experience RDP (remote desktop) over secure VPN is faster and secure, and I can remote into any computers at work without paying extra $/computer/month using RDP.

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