Why is offline malware/viruses scanner more effective?

Malware, it hooks itself to the running OS in many ways. Few examples, every time you move a mouse, or a keystroke, it triggers a virus to execute its code. Some virus clone itself, when its parent process force to terminate. Some viruses set permission itself hard to remove, or some viruses are the resource hunger, it draws all the available CPU/memory/network bandwidth resource as much as possible to the point the computer dragging extensively slow that you can not do anything else.
Fortunately, Companies create off-line virus scanner. It means it runs on  its own OS, and the viruses and the registries of your computer are treated as  ineffective regular files.
ALLOGICS best pick  Off-line Anti-Virus Scanner:
You can request a free copy from us by contact ALLOGICS with your choice, and shipping address in the comment box.

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