Random Reads/Write compare between HHD vs SSD

Today multi-thread computing technology, the running OS has hundreds of running threads compete to read and write data across the disk, and another feature of OS is it uses the hard drive space for the OS swap files, called temporary random access memory. so specs of random reads/write of the drive defined how fast a the programs run.
This is general specs of random reads/writes between HHD and SSD
SATA SSD                                                                                     SATA HHD

Sequential Read : 718.498 MB/s                                                Sequential Read : 114.988 MB/s
Sequential Write : 777.414 MB/s                                                Sequential Write : 111.043 MB/s

Base on the number random reads/writes, SSD is much faster than HHD, another important point is drive vibration, and shock is not a factor in an SSD drive failure, because SSD drive has no mechanical moving parts.
If your PC/Laptop is the main force of your daily business, you should upgrade to SSD drive. Upgrading HHD to SSD is actually simple. You just visit shop.allogics.com to get the upgrade kit.

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