The way I pick a laptop for my own.

I never ask store sale man to suggest what is the good laptop, because they always suggest the one they make the most profit out of it. These are the features you should look for?

  • Pick the screen size that fit your need. I prefer 15.6″ screen size, it is not too big, and not too small.
  • DDR4 memory is the latest memory technology
  • If you prefer Intel processor, you should look for Intel Gen 8 version, because it is a latest intel generation. For example i3-8XXXX, or i5-8XXX. The number right after the dash is a generation number.
  • SSD ( Solid State Hard drive) is faster, more reliable, but it is more expensive than regular drive
  • The feel of the keyboard is the main factor to tell how solid laptop structure made.
  • The bigger battery the longer it lasts.
  • Last but not least, Every thing equal, just pick the one has lower price.

To view system property : Winkey + Pause

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